Low Energy Terraced House Manchester

Project: Low Energy Terraced House Manchester

A 100 year-old mid-terraced house in Manchester, of solid wall construction, has been extensively refurbished to achieve the lowest possible energy usage. This privately funded project (on a limited budget) was carried out by the property owner who is now resident.

The extensive renovation began with the house in a general state dilapidation (featuring a collapsed ground floor, very high levels of damp, only 3 working lights, no upstairs power, and structural problems with the roof and frontage). The renovation featured solid wall insulation, the installation of a light well in the roof, and extensive air-tightness works (achieving an outstanding air-permeability rating of 1.7m3/h /m2). Ventilation was provided by window mounted air-inlets with an Aereco V4A constant pressure fan and BXC Extract Grilles.

Now completed, the energy performance of the house will continue to be monitored.