Loughborough Railway Station Re-Development

Working closely with the main contractor, Ringway, Polypipe provided a holistic solution utlising its popular Polystorm modular cell system, Ridgidrain surface water drainage pipes and Ridgiduct cable protection products.

fPolypipe supplies its Polystorm modular cells for four seperate attenuation and soakaway structures to be utilised under the station car-park and non-trafficked landscaped areas. The structures were installed utilising Polystorm-R, Polystorm-Xtra and Polystorm Lite modular cells according to the loading requirements.

Poilypipe were able to redesiogn one of the attenuation tanks to fit around the cabled area on-site as it became apparent that an existing cable could not be moved. Due to the flexible nature of Polypipe's Polystorm modular cells, the issue was quickly resolved without any delay to the installation time.

The project, which forms part of a multi-million pound investment by Charnwood Borough Council to re-develop the area, also called for a bespoke distribution inlet for none of the Polystorm structures. A 600mm diameter pipe could not connect directly into one of the Polystorm structures, as this would affect the hydraulics.

Polypipe designed and fabricated a bespoke one piece pipe fitting from a four metre length of 600mm pipe with 6 x 300mm and 1 x 225mm outlets.

Polypipe Ridgiduct cable protection was used to provide robust protection for the site's street lighting cables, plus the CCTV, ticket machines and power cables.

The project posed some interesting challenges and highlights the flexibility and adaptability of Polypip's full range of products.