Lilian Baylis Technology School, Lambeth

Project: Lilian Baylis Technology School, Lambeth

Lilian Baylis Technology School is located in Lambeth, South London, and although the school is only six years old, the washrooms had been significantly damaged. The school wanted to upgrade the washrooms to rectify the damage and to ensure that in future they would remain safe and attractive for students to use. The main contractors MJ Ferguson chose CPD Luton to complete the project because of CPD’s experience of handling similar projects and ability to immediately source the right products for such a project.

To minimise disruption, work took place over a four week period in the summer holidays and Mark Clayton Smith ,the Tenon Washrooms product manager ensured deliveries and installation ran to schedule by organising pre-planning meetings with the school and the main contractor. Mark said "We spent some time in project meetings on selecting the right products and layouts prior to the order being placed. Once these were agreed, everyone knew what they needed to do to ensure that the job ran smoothly. It always helps when we’re all working towards the same goal."

Security was a top priority with this project so all the washroom panelling had to be lockable and the traditional basins were replaced with 'hole in the wall' hand wash units. Mark commented "We provided technical expertise when it came to the spec as the materials chosen for the six washrooms had to be durable enough to stand up to wear and tear from hundreds of school children."

The Tenon Washrooms Premier One range of cubicles used in this project has been professionally engineered to withstand abuse and to be easily maintained, two key elements for school washrooms. The Solid Grade Laminate duct sets and Wallgate hand wash units were also chosen for their durability. Aesthetics were not compromised for durability on this project as the attractive washrooms combined bold colours and a spacious layout for the students of Lilian Baylis Technology School.

Mark said "Working closely with Chris Gates at MJ Ferguson and his team meant the project was a success as we were able to schedule the deliveries of all the washrooms over a pre-agreed 10 day period. Working in this way meant that the fitting schedule was maintained and the project was delivered on time."

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