Lighting up leisure

This new swimming pool at Immingham includes some of the best examples of how the Kalwall® translucent daylighting system is used for leisure and sport activities. The £1.45 million transformation and creation of this stunning facility was designed by ENGIE - Architectural Consultancy for North East Lincolnshire Council with support from Sport England. It includes Kalwall cladding for all the walls in the new fitness suite and exercise studio.

The choice of Kalwall mirrors specification of the same cladding several years ago for the adjacent Oasis Academy where the system is used for both roof and wall applications. This brings a sense of uniformity and symmetry across both sites.

One of the main attractions of specifying high performance Kalwall is its unique effect on both the interior and exterior. Internally, rooms are bathed with diffused natural daylight which creates a stimulating and healthy exercising environment.  While being translucent, it also offers privacy. Externally, the elevations appear crisp, simple and inviting. When illuminated at night Kalwall will glow softly presenting a striking external appearance.

Unlike conventional glazing, highly insulating Kalwall eliminates shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade. The system also enhances simplicity by eliminating the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. In addition, the even distribution and deep penetration of light through Kalwall means less artificial lighting is needed thereby reducing energy costs.

Kalwall is distributed in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by Structura UK, a leading supplier, fabricator and installer of glass curtain walling, rainscreens, glass atria, windows and other architectural glass building products.

The company has had all three of its ISO certifications successfully renewed for three years: OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification and ISO 9001 Quality Management certification.