Leighton Hospital, Crewe

Project: Leighton Hospital, Crewe

Disruption from refurbishments and service upgrades will be minimised at Leighton Hospital in Crewe from now on thanks to the use of an innovative combined cable management and fire stopping system from Cablofil.

Cablofil’s EZ-Path system combines both cable containment and an effective fire barrier for any data communications cabling or low voltage wiring networks.  A self-sealing system made up of square section galvanised steel trunking, EZ-Path is pre-lined with inert fire stopping materials, which expand dramatically in the event of a fire, providing a high integrity barrier against flames, smoke and fumes.

The EZ-Path system has been installed during a mainly cosmetic upgrade of the main corridors or ‘streets’ leading to Ward 2 at Leighton Hospital by fire protection specialist, Checkmate Fire Solutions. While this upgrade did not involve any changes to the electrical services, any future cabling changes would ordinarily require replacement of the fire stopping protection, causing additional dust, disruption and infection control risks.  To avoid this, the hospital opted to install Cablofil EZ-Path over the top of the existing cable management installation, enabling them to leave the original services in situ whilst providing capacity for more cables to be installed in the future without the need for any additional fire stopping. 

Explains Mark Shaw from Checkmate: “The existing cable management system was nearing full capacity and by anticipating future needs now, the estates team has put in place a system that will enable additional cables to be added quickly and simply without the need to amend the fire stopping.”