Landau Forte Academy QEMS, Tamworth

Project: Landau Forte Academy QEMS, Tamworth

The buildings have had some investment with newly refurbished classrooms and the relocation of specialist facilities for Art and the Library, to improve the learning environment for the school’s pupils.

The Academy QEMS opened in September 2011, and specialises in music and mathematics for 11- 16 year olds. It is set on a large campus which includes two main buildings, servicing the upper and lower years.

The upgrade included new flooring throughout the classrooms, laboratories and wet areas. Tamworth based flooring contractor Stuarts Industrial Flooring laid the 3000m² of Forbo Vinyl over a 6 month period. Sub-floor preparation was completed with Ultra Floor Prime IT N polymer emulsion primer and Ultra Floor Level IT two, two part latex levelling compound.

Ultra Floor Prime IT N is a water based polymer emulsion primer suitable for use over non-porous substrates such as synthetic screeds, chipboard, steel, damp proof membranes, asphalt and other hard adhesive residue.  It is easy to use and safe to apply, with a drying time of approximately 1 hour depending on the porosity of the substrate and working conditions. It was used throughout the classrooms, laboratories and wet areas prior to levelling.

After priming Level IT two was applied by trowel to the substrate.  This self levelling latex compound combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties.  The product’s formulation is free from ammonia, creating a very low odour material ideal for confined areas such as classrooms.  Furthermore, the product is designed to compensate for shrinkage, is polymer modified and free of protein.

The leveller is ready to receive foot traffic after only 2.5 hours.  It achieves thicknesses of up to 10mm deep and can be used under a DPM.

Stuarts Industrial Flooring commented that Ultra Floor products were “easy to apply with very good results.”

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