Lakeshore Development, Bristol

Project: Lakeshore Development, Bristol

The Problem

Developers Urban Splash have converted the Grade II listed former Imperial Tobacco building in Bristol into 270 units, comprising studios and one or two bedroom apartments. A major feature of the building are the glass-fronted balconies which wrap round at each level. Since these have open grid metal floors, the developers needed to find a user-friendly surface covering.

The Solution

To solve this problem, flooring specialist Technix advised the client to install Frontrunner XT. The matting was recommended because it is safe underfoot, permanently weatherproof and comfortable to stand on as well as being heel and wheel-proof. It also complements the ultra-modern feel of these high quality apartments. Particularly important is its open grid deeply embossed and highly slip resistant surface which is ideal for exterior walkways, balconies and decking.

The Client

Beckie Upson from Technix comments, “This is an interesting project for us and one which created a unique set of challenges. Architecturally, the balconies are stunning but the metal grid floor was impractical for residential living. Frontrunner XT matting has totally solved this problem. Not only does it look great but it is comfortable to stand on and will drain water. It is also sturdy enough to stay in place during high winds and is permanently weather resistant.”

The Product

Frontrunner XT forms part of the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System which comprises several mats suitable for different interior and exterior installations. All the mats in this range are supplied as rolls which can be trimmed easily on site to fit any shape. Other options include Frontrunner Brush and Frontrunner Brush Wide with nylon brush inserts to combat severe soiling, 100% vinyl Frontrunner Entry to prevent dirt from entering buildings and Frontrunner Plus with absorbent inserts within the grid to scrape, clean and dry shoes.