Laboratory, Surrey Satellite Technology, Guildford

Project: Laboratory, Surrey Satellite Technology, Guildford

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited’s (SSTL) new bespoke technical facility, The Kepler Building, has been given a highly durable and low maintenance finish with Construction Specialties (C/S) advanced hygienic coating system, Wallflex®.

SSTL is the world’s premier provider of commercial and operational satellite programmes. Built in collaboration with the University of Surrey, The Kepler Building, houses the SSTL assembly, testing and integration facilities.

Specified from C/S’ Wallglaze range, Wallflex provides a high chemical and abrasion resistant coating. With a typical lifespan of 10 years, the versatile and durable coating system was ideal for protecting the interior finish from the intensive cleaning regimes.

For speed of application, the Wallflex WBA waterborne system was spray applied to the building’s test facilities and laboratories, providing a seamless finish that will withstand the harsh environment.

Ian Hancox, Product Manager at Construction Specialties, said: “The technical facility houses delicate and expensive technology so it is important that the internal walls are kept clean, easy to decontaminate and maintain. Our Wallflex hygienic coating provides the confidence that the walls will maintain their appearance for the long term and continue to provide a contaminant-free environment.

“We were also able to meet the client’s need for a bespoke finish in the solar flare room where satellite technicians need to view the full spectrum of a solar flare during satellite testing. A regular white finish would reflect the light so we developed a special black coating which made it possible to test the satellites without external light factors affecting the results.”

Now fully operational the SSTL Centre is delivering satellites for Earth observation and imaging, military/defence, and satellite supported navigation.