Knocknagael Farm, Inverness, Scotland

Project: Knocknagael Farm, Inverness, Scotland

Knocknagael national bull stud farm in Inverness has created a healthier environment for some of Scotland’s best breeding bulls by choosing fibre cement Profile 6 sheeting from Marley Eternit.


Profile 6 was specified for the new stud facility, which provides accommodation for up to 150 bulls, because it also created a durable, low maintenance roof covering.


The stud farm provides a bull hire scheme for crofters to ensure they can supply quality stock to the Scottish beef industry.


Knocknagael Farm required a roof covering that would play a part in keeping its herd of high quality bulls in prime condition. Ensuring a constant circulation of air was a key factor in achieving this because lack of ventilation in farm buildings can result in sickness and poor health in livestock. A common indication of this includes increased incidence and severity of foot problems and respiratory conditions, which ultimately results in underperformance of the herd.


Marley Eternit’s fibre cement open protected ridges were used to create an effective ventilation system in the bull accommodation unit by ensuring a constant outflow of stale, moist air.   The width of the air gap created by the open ridge was specifically designed for the number of bulls and size of the building.


Unlike steel sheets, the fibre cement profiled sheeting specified at Knocknagael Farm is able to absorb up to 25 per cent of its dry weight in moisture before dissipating it in more favourable conditions. This again reduces the issue of warm, moist air condensing on the underside of steel roof sheets where it then drips onto livestock and bedding below.


Ryan Brown, Director of Robinsons Scotland Ltd, said “We used Marley Eternit profiled sheeting because it is strong, durable and does not have any issues with maintenance. We have worked with the product for a number of years and were confident that it would be able to fulfil the brief to create a healthier environment for the bulls.”


Profiled sheeting ranges from Marley Eternit are particularly effective on buildings that house livestock as the density of the fibre cement material tackles reverberation often found with steel sheets, helping reduce animal distress.


Marley Eternit profiled sheeting has an installed life expectancy of at least 50 years, even in aggressive environments such as livestock buildings where animals’ breath is slightly acidic. Fibre cement does not contain any metallic elements and is not affected by this environment, making it a cost effective roofing solution over the longer term.


Profile 6 for Knocknagael Farm was specified in Natural Grey colour.  Marley Eternit offers a range of carefully chosen matt colours to help them blend with most landscapes from the day the building is erected, as part of its Farmscape range, including Anthracite (grey), Sherwood (green) and Bracken (brown).


Marley Eternit fibre cement profiled sheeting is the only product of its kind to be manufactured in the UK, allowing farmers to ‘Buy British’.


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