Kirkley Community High School, Lowestoft

Project: Kirkley Community High School, Lowestoft

Last year Kirkley Community High School in Lowestoft decided they needed to develop and improve their sports facilities. They approached Playrite as they were looking to add some new tennis courts as well as a multi use games area that could be used for a wider variety of spots.


Steve Byrnes, National Sales Manager for Playrite suggested Matchplay 2 for the tennis courts, which is classified to ITF Category 2 Medium Slow pace rating and Champion 24 PE for the multi use games area.


Matchplay 2 is ideal for tennis due to its high performance, good grip and durability. The built in cushion layer makes for medium-paced play (accredited to ITF classification 2) and is easy on player's leg joints. Even straight after installation the performance characteristics are evident from day one and these characteristics are maintained throughout the life of the court. Low maintenance and high porosity rating makes Matchplay 2 ideal for all weather usage,   with play being able to continue as little as 30 minutes after rain fall.


When it came to a multi use surface, Champion 24 was selected. A tufted sports surface suitable for a range of sports, Champion is manufactured with either a polypropylene yarn or polyethylene yarn.


Together with Jez Anstey from Eastern Facilities Management Services the project took around 3 weeks from start to finish and saw a total of over 9,500m² of Playrite surfaces be installed at the school with line markings inlaid in white, yellow, red and blue.


John Hughes, sports development officer explained how “both the new Playrite tennis courts and the multi use games area see a heavy amount of daily usage and are still performing well and looking great. Playrite supported the school at every stage of the project and I would definitely recommend their product range and services to any school.”