Kingston Court Retail Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Project: Kingston Court Retail Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne

One of the UK’s leading retailers, Marks & Spencer has ensured that its stores offer not just quality products but inviting, comfortable and safe surroundings thanks to specifying Schlüter-Systems within their design guide. With over 21 million people visiting its stores each week, Marks & Spencer strives to provide shoppers with the very best retail experience and this includes everything right down to the walls and floors. Therefore as part of a nationwide programme to update their outlets it’s no surprise that they named Schlüter-Systems products as part of their design brief to contractors.

Long time Schlüter® installer, P.Plunkett Tiling Contractors Ltd, were tasked with installing tiled walls and flooring in several M&S outlets up and down the country, including the large Kingston Retail Park store in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Using products from the Schlüter®-DILEX range of movement joints throughout the sales floor, the Schlüter®-RONDEC for customer toilets, along with finishing threshold strips from the Schlüter®-SCHIENE range, David Baker of Plunkett Tiling explained why the Schlüter range is so highly regarded not just by M&S but by his firm:

“We have ourselves specified and relied on Schlüter® products for many years, especially for quality, easy installation and reliability. It was no different when it came to the M&S job in Newcastle, which needed to be completed to a tight deadline, meaning the products we used had to be straight forward to install and fit for purpose.

“Therefore, with so many people passing through the store every single day it was vital to ensure the tiled surfaces were properly protected so the Schlüter range was ideal. Products from the Schlüter®-DILEX range of movement joints offered secure protection for surfaces subjected to high mechanical stresses caused by continuous use and finishing threshold strips from the Schlüter®-SCHIENE range provided attractive finish tiled surfaces and protect the outer edges of ceramic and natural stone floor coverings from mechanical impact.

He added, “The Schlüter®-RONDEC in particular is a real favourite. It is extremely neat and precise and gives an attractive finish, protecting the tiles against damage – and people against any rough edges!”

Ian Knifton, Divisional Manager at Schlüter-Systems, comments, “With thousands of shoppers regularly walking through each M&S store it is vital that the tile installations could stand up to the pairs of feet passing by. One of the many positives about our Schlüter®-DILEX and Schlüter®-SCHIENE profiles are their suitability for areas with a large footfall such as sporting arenas, international airports and retail outlets such as this, all of which experience high levels of mechanical stress.

Movement joints from the Schlüter®-DILEX range offer secure edge protection and maintenance free solutions for surfaces exposed to continuous pedestrian and vehicular traffic, making them particularly important within this new community facility which will be used heavily on a day-to-day basis. All profiles are installed at the same time as the tile covering and a wide variety in various material combinations are available, depending on the mechanical or chemical stresses expected on the covering.

Schlüter®-SCHIENE is the original finishing threshold strip and offers the perfect protection. It finishes tiled surfaces and protects the outer edges of ceramic and natural stone floor coverings from mechanical impact.

Schlüte r®-RONDEC are a range of symmetrically rounded tile trim profiles available in a wide variety of materials and finishes, which feature as a contrast or blend with  finish and protect tiled outer wall corners and other tile edges, e.g. tile skirting.