Kensington Mews House

Project: Kensington Mews House

The Rooflight Company recently collaborated with Hogarth Architects in designing rooflights to compliment the construction of a new Kensington mews property. Here the brief was to achieve a completely minimal frameless internal appearance, with low U-Values, and at the same time meet the planning requirement for a rooflight that would sit flush within the slate roof.

Designed after lengthy consultation with architects, the neo Rooflight was developed for those who wanted skylights to be flush and frameless both inside and out. In this project the neo™ Rooflight was used to create a picture frame effect, where the rooflight frame does not intrude into the visible area of glazing, and is seamlessly incorporated into the fabric of the building.

Whilst it was felt that traditional double glazed rooflights would achieve all parts of the brief and deliver a low energy rating, the ambition on this project was to halve the U-Value without compromising either the design or the amount of light that could be achieved.

Triple glazing was an initial consideration, but would have challenged the planning requirements for a finish that would be flush to the roof line. The Rooflight Company therefore partnered with Hogarth Architects and sought to find a unique double glazed unit with triple glazing performance that would meet with both of these key requirements.