John Lewis Store and Cineplex, Leicester

Project: John Lewis Store and Cineplex, Leicester

The resurgence of stainless steel in construction has seen it take many forms. Its resistance to corrosion, long life expectancy, aesthetic value and overall sustainability all combine in its favour.

For the John Lewis Store and Cineplex which formed part of a major city centre regeneration scheme in Leicester, an Aperam stainless steel rain screen was commissioned. A UGIBRIGHT® mirror finish was specified for the 34,000m2 façade, ‘pleated’ at different scales to diffuse the large area into a series of smaller reflective surfaces. The mirror finish brings colour and changing patterns to its surface throughout the day providing an overall design which challenges the conventional blank envelopes which typify such buildings. The exterior ‘curtain’ concept provided a distinct identity between the cinema and adjoining store, and has even been extended to such elements as matching screen curtains within the interior.

UGIBRIGHT stainless steel systems provide a smooth surface to which contaminants cannot easily attach themselves, thereby greatly reducing cleaning demands. With none of the attendant underside corrosion problems associated with other hard metals it requires no protective reverse side coating.