John Lewis, Exeter

Project: John Lewis, Exeter

John Lewis’ new site in Exeter has installed an LED luminaire arrangement from RIDI Lighting that features a combination of EDB-LED downlights and a U-Line continuous light system which creates an attractive, energy efficient and maintenance-free solution. 
The Exeter store is the company’s first full line flexible format department store and the thirty eighth of its outlets to open in the UK. Dowling Blunt took on the role of shell and core architect as well as M&E engineer for the project. As part of the project, it selected RIDI Lighting’s LED luminaires for lighting the escalators. The challenge was to illuminate the three-floor escalator-well with only the underside of the escalators and the ceiling available to mount luminaires. To fit in with the John Lewis design ethos, the installation required stylish luminaires that could be installed in a space that is not easy to access. As a modular, continuous system, U-Line was the perfect solution for this area. EDB LED downlights installed in the ceiling of the upper floor provide the perfect complement.
Dowling Blunt chose two neat rows of the U-Line Mini system per escalator which were mounted on the underside of the escalator above. This provided the area with ample light below and with 50,000 hours service life, created a low maintenance solution for the store. For the ceiling, EBD LEDs were used as they can illuminate large open commercial spaces with their long service life, an important requirement as they are located at a difficult height to reach if a lamp were to need replacing.
“The range of luminaires that RIDI provides allowed us to choose the specific products that would fit the store’s needs exactly,” says Mark Dowling, Co-owner of Dowling Blunt. “The discreet modern style and high power output of the EBD LED and the U Line Mini made them the ideal choice for John Lewis.”
For retail spaces, LED lighting is becoming the norm. Due to their high output and low energy usage, they cut operating costs whilst still lighting large areas effectively and provide a low maintenance solution for inaccessible areas such as high ceilings. The installation at John Lewis follows a string of successful RIDI LED projects for the retail, education and corporate sectors. For more information of RIDI Lighting or how LEDs can improve your lighting and reduce your energy bills visit and download a copy of the new LED Application brochure.<