Jaguar Landrover plant, Halewood

Project: Jaguar Landrover, Liverpool

Slip resistant Crossgrip matting is being used extensively along the production line at the Jaguar Landrover plant in Halewood, Liverpool. The matting, manufactured in the UK by Plastic Extruders Ltd, has been laid along both sides of the car assembly line to provide a slip resistant and anti-fatigue solution.


Crossgrip was chosen because of its previous high performance record in other areas of the plant. Traditionally, the matting is used in demanding environments and extreme external conditions, such as on rooftop walkways and along gantries. Its flexible PVC construction means that it will contour over uneven surfaces, ramps and changes in level while remaining firm and in place. The matting is also easy to cut and shape on site to fit around obstacles and machinery and can be easily rolled up to facilitate cleaning. This, coupled with being virtually maintenance free, makes it the ideal solution for Jaguar Landrover which has just gone to a rolling 24 hour a day production.


Crossgrip is manufactured in a roll format with an open grid construction comprising cross-directional top ribs with diamond cut slip resistant surface. This gives the matting a 14mm height profile, which is self-draining ensuring it will efficiently maintain a safe and dry standing work area.