IKO Permaphalt carbon neutral roof for Chesham & Hanover Flats

IKO PLC has recently been involved in a project to replace the roof coverings and improve insulation levels on the Victorian roof terrace at the Chesham and Hanover Buildings, Mayfair, London.  Because of its listed status and the location in the heart of the city, landlords Peabody asked the contractor to use materials which would reflect the existing style of the building, so IKO Permaphalt mastic asphalt was selected for the project. The new IKO Permaphalt roofing waterproofing system replaced existing roof coverings and improved insulation levels (using IKO enertherm insulation boards) for the tenants below. 

As the flats are a listed building existing features had to be preserved, including the decorative Victorian railings around the roof. To avoid damaging them the railings were removed and re-instated when the job was finished. The apartments were occupied while the work was carried out, so access to the site was via a hoist.

Working alongside contractor Eddie Sinclair of Sinclair Roofing, IKO’s Mastic Asphalt Technical Department designed a carbon neutral roofing system using internationally approved carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint. IKO’s 20 year guarantee was also a major advantage to the project, offering Peabody and its tenants the long term solution they required.