Ideal Commercial Boilers Deliver Savings At Poole Housing Partnership

Leading British manufacturer Ideal Commercial Boilers has supplied two Evomax 70kW wall hung condensing boilers on a Frame and Header Kit to Poole Housing Partnership (PHP), which have been installed as part of a planned heating system refurbishment at the organisation’s Head Office in Poole. The boilers are now delivering reliable and high efficiency heating to the five storey office building, meeting the key objectives of reducing carbon emissions and running costs, whilst optimising heating control for the occupants.

The old heating system at PHP’s Head Office, which had not been upgraded since the building’s construction in the early 1980’s, consisted of two inefficient floor standing boilers and a complex system of 28mm copper pipes installed in a loop around the building with convectors located above. As well as being ineffective in very cold weather, the system was also extremely costly to run.

PHP originally occupied three floors, however when they took over the lease of the remaining two floors in 2014, expanding into some areas and sub-letting others, the organisation decided it was the perfect opportunity to completely upgrade the heating system to minimise carbon emissions and reduce running costs.

Richard Freeman, Building Services Manager at PHP, specified the two Evomax boilers as well as 90 Stelrad Radical radiators, which are situated throughout the building. He said, “We selected the Evomax boilers as they were recommended by numerous contractors we spoke to and offered very high efficiencies.”

Ease of fitting was also a big consideration for the engineering team, as the boiler room is situated on the top of the building adjacent to the roof. Richard explains, “Ideal Commercial Boilers’ Frame and Header kit made a big difference, as the prefabricated modules are fitted with all vital boiler components from valves to pumps, so the boilers were much easier to install in the restricted space within the plant room. Another important cost-saving factor was that each Evomax boiler module was compact enough to be transported to the top floor via the lift, eradicating the need for expensive equipment like cranes.”

Due to the changeover from standard efficiency floor standing boilers to wall hung condensing models, Richard and his team of engineers needed to make adjustments to the heating system which included running a cherry picker and gas run up all six stories. Once the preparatory work was complete, they removed the old appliances and replaced them with the two Evomax boilers, which took under one week. As the work was completed in the summer months, this quick installation period meant there was minimal discomfort for the building’s occupants. The 90 Stelrad Radical radiators were then installed in stages over a period of 6 weeks while the building was still in use.

To maximise efficiency still further, temperature control optimisation and compensation controllers have also been integrated with the Evomax boilers and the system has been zoned in two sections per floor.

Richard commented, “The boilers have been running trouble-free since they were commissioned and have been delivering optimum efficiency, with energy cost savings all on target. In addition, opting for the smaller Radical radiators to provide localised heat in a greater number of building areas has allowed occupants to control the temperature of their own space more easily, resulting in even greater ease of operation, efficiency and user comfort.”

Expanding the options for commercial applications, Evomax boilers have been designed and developed at Ideal Commercial Boilers’ UK manufacturing facility in Hull to deliver optimum ease of installation, commissioning and servicing. Available outputs range from 30kW to 150kW and, in addition to its lightweight design, siting is made easy with a selection of room-sealed and open flue system choices. The option of insulated Frame and Header Kits allow the Evomax to be installed in cascade formation of up to six boilers, either in-line as required in the boiler room at PHP’s Head Office or in back-to-back formation, with a combined top capacity of 600kW.

In addition to flexible installation options, Evomax is Ideal Commercial Boilers’ highest efficiency boiler to date with seasonal efficiencies of up to 97.2%, exceeding those stipulated in Part L2 of the Building Regulations. Each boiler is capable of wider output modulation of 5:1, which ensures the load is matched closely to the building’s requirements to maximise system efficiency. This market-leading performance combines with low NOx emissions of less than 40mg/kWh to offer a boiler solution that qualifies for maximum BREEAM points. In addition, the high efficiency of the Evomax range still exceeds the stringent assessment criteria required for inclusion on the Energy Technology List (ETL), making these boilers eligible for the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.

The Stelrad Radical radiators selected for the project are the first serial feed radiators available in the UK and are designed to bring the best out of high efficiency boilers. They heat up far more quickly than standard radiators, with the front panel heating up first to create much higher levels of radiant heat. The clever design of the waterways in the radiators also offers additional benefits, which means occupants feel warmer much more quickly and at a reduced cost. The Radical has been independently assessed by KIWA to save up to 10.5% on energy usage, which has a direct, positive impact on energy bills. In addition, the lower return flow temperature of the circulating water from the Radicals to the boiler allows it to operate in condensing mode, ensuring optimum levels of efficiency from the boiler as well.

Poole Housing Partnership (PHP) is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) that was set up under the government scheme to bring investment for home improvements across the borough of Poole. As an ALMO, the organisation has been able to introduce new ways of working and modern methods of procurement, which have delivered efficiency savings of £1.3m since April 2007. These savings, along with any ‘surplus’, have been reinvested in improvements to homes and the environment across Poole.