Ideal Commercial Boilers Deliver Low Cost Warmth To Care Home Residents

Three Evomax 80kW wall hung boilers and a Low Height Frame and Header Kit from Ideal Commercial Boilers have been installed at Barfields Court Care Home in Lymington, Hampshire, as part of a summer refurbishment project carried out by New Forest District Council to reduce energy use, emissions and running costs.

Due to the increased efficiencies offered by the Evomax, as well as their ultra-low NOx performance of 40mg/kwh, CO2 emissions have been greatly reduced as a result of the installation, and the Council has estimated gas savings of up to 40% or £6,000 per year.

Barfields Court was originally built in 1967 and renovated in 2004. A total of 39 flats provide Independent Living and Extra Care housing and services for elderly residents with a variety of special care needs. Their requirements mean that care staff are available on-site 24/7. The previous heating system, consisting of four inefficient atmospheric floor standing boilers, was extremely inefficient and costly, and the Council ordered the refurbishment works to reduce fuel usage and improve comfort levels for the residents.

Rob Sowden, Commercial Gas Engineer for New Forest District Council, said, “We selected the Evomax wall hung models for Barfields Court as we have installed these and the Ideal Commercial Boilers Frame and Header Kits at a number of other sites and have always found the installations to be trouble-free, reasonably priced, neat and tidy, as well as delivering very high efficiencies.”

“The boiler room at Barfields Court is situated below ground and accessed by thirteen concrete steps, which meant that the new boilers needed to be easy to manoeuvre. In addition, there was a lack of height in the boiler room due to existing pipe work across the ceiling, so the new Low Height kits were perfect for this installation.”

The elderly residents’ susceptibility to cold meant that maintaining heat within the building was of paramount importance throughout the boiler refurbishment. With detailed planning prior to installation, Rob was able to leave one of the four old atmospheric floor standing boilers running while the Evomax Boilers were fitted in order to minimise downtime. This was achieved by relocating the expansion vessel so that there was space in the boiler room to extend the concrete plinth that had been used to support the previous boilers. Rob was then able to complete 95% of the new boiler and pipe work installation so that, when the time came to disconnect the one remaining boiler, the heating was turned off for just one night. Due to the existing heat in the building and the work being carried out overnight, this was not noticed by any of the tenants.

Another challenge was that the Clean Air Act only allows boiler outputs up to 150kW to be discharged through the wall at low height. As the new boilers provide a total output of 240kW, a new internal flue needed to be installed which would enable the boiler waste gas to terminate through the existing chimney. However, the boiler flue specialist was not available to work during the night. Rob overcame this obstacle by connecting a temporary horizontal flue kit that enabled the first Evomax boiler to be brought into service, which was sufficient to keep the building warm until the new internal flue could be installed by the specialist flue contractor, after which the remaining boilers were connected and commissioned.

The total installation time for the project was three weeks, during which the building remained fully occupied. Rob explained, “Such was the ease of installation offered by the Evomax and Frame and Header Kit, I was able to carry out the majority of work myself. The only time I brought in assistance was during the installation of the internal flue. We had to erect scaffolding to allow the specialist access to the top of the flue to install the new liner, and from this scaffold we erected an electric hoist to remove the existing stripped-down boilers and lift in the new equipment.”

New Forest District Council is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions and has invested in a number of recent refurbishment projects that have reduced energy use and increased user comfort. With Rob able to provide an ‘in-house’ service designing, installing and servicing the majority of building services equipment for all commercial properties, the Council’s overall costs are greatly reduced, giving value to local tax payers. Rob commented, “The installation benefits offered by the Evomax and Frame and Header Kits, as well as the technical back up and training provided by Ideal Commercial Boilers, has been of great assistance throughout these projects, enabling me to ensure costs are kept to a minimum wherever possible.”