Hyatt Place, Hoofddorp

Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport is the first Hyatt Place in Europe and leads the way in renewable energy. A deep thermal storage system provides heating and cooling for the building. A central pump is connected to a hot and cold-water source, which supplies either warm water up to 45 degrees Celsius for heating or cold water for cooling the building.

Bauporte was invited to develop the revolving door in the hotel.

The Bauporte revolving door had to welcome the guests giving them the feeling of luxury and comfort. The curved glass walls, outside and inside, are made from a single sheet of glass. The door leaves are equipped with emergency exit wings that will collapse in case of an emergency evacuation. In the roof an air curtain prevents cold air to cool down the building inside. The doors cladding is made of mirror finish stainless steel giving it an inviting appearance.

The look is absolutely unique and guests from across the world come to Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport. The Bauporte revolving door is a fully automatic door and complies with the BS 7036 standard, the German TUV and the European DIN. We recommend that you visit this hotel and our entrance door in person.