Hunter Douglas Architectural extends panel depths and module dimensions for felt ceiling system

Hunter Douglas Architectural has expanded HeartFelt®, its award-winning, innovative felt ceiling system range, launching new panel depths and module measurements to provide architects with new creative possibilities when designing ceilings.

HeartFelt® panels were already available in 55mm depth (40B x 55H mm) in seven shades of grey – from off-white to anthracite – and five earthy tones. Now the ceiling system is also available in panel depths of 80mm (40B x 80H mm) and 105mm (40B x 105H mm) in five shades of grey. The carriers for the modular system are available in two colours – metallic and black coated – and 16 different modular sizes, ranging from 50mm to 200mm.

The ongoing evolution of HeartFelt® is a logical result of its success, says Pieter van Rees, Business Development Manager at Hunter Douglas Architectural.

“HeartFelt® is a great, innovative product that is increasingly in demand worldwide,” he says. “Our decision to broaden the product range means architects and clients can get more out of it. For example, designers can now choose between a wave pattern, a more whimsical design or a very sleek one. In fact, the extra depths and module measurements offer a whole new tool box of possibilities.” 

Long panels and baffle ceilings Baffle ceilings are a special application area for the new HeartFelt® panels, explains Pieter.  

“Baffle ceilings have a trendy and sturdy look and are currently very popular,” he says. “Our longer panels and wider module sizes make it easier to create a ceiling with ‘mini’ baffles.” 

Crucially, HeartFelt®’s excellent acoustic properties remain unchanged with the new panel dimensions and module measurements.

Architect Menno Geenen, of the Common Affairs bureau in Amsterdam, chose HeartFelt®’s new range for the renovation of Tilburg’s city hall. He applied the felt ceiling system in both the public areas and office spaces, using three different depths and two earth tones. “You really can play around more with the material now,” says Geenen. “In Tilburg, by varying the depths we are creating a whimsical design for the ceiling. The use of alternating depths really brings the design to life.” 

Acoustic properties
HeartFelt®’s acoustic properties were also important to Geenen. “It has a lot to do with today’s activity-based working, which has made spaces more and more open,” he said. “The open plan office has been on the rise for some time now. One of the consequences is that you have to think more carefully about getting the right solution for sound absorption in these open spaces.” 

Hunter Douglas Architectural introduced HeartFelt® in 2016. Its modular linear felt ceiling system with unique design and sustainability qualities is made from felt, a naturally soft material, with a warm appearance and has excellent acoustic properties. It is also Cradle to Cradle-certified.