Humanities building, University of Nottingham

Project: Humanities building, University of Nottingham

A sophisticated TORMAX Rondor circular-sliding automatic door forms the main entrance to the new £5.4m Humanities building at the University of Nottingham, delivering an opening space of up to 40% more than would be created using linear sliding doors. Combining the elegant curvature of a traditional revolving door with a modern mode of operation, the Rondor consists of two sets of curved glass doors that move independently.  High quality sealing allows an airlock to be formed between the doors during inclement weather, effectively helping reduce energy bills

Completed in September 2011, the Humanities building is one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the region, receiving an ‘excellent’ BREEAM rating.   Clegg Construction and architects CPMG worked together to put sustainability at the forefront of design and build, reflecting the University’s wider commitment to reducing its energy and CO2 emissions.  The project took 12 months to complete and includes extensive landscaping with plaza walkways and water features delivering an innovative and efficient solution that is an exciting facility in which to work and learn, as well as being a strong architectural statement. 

The Rondor curved sliding entrance is powered by two energy efficient TORMAX Win Drive 2201 operators.  Developed in response to customer demand for even more cost-effective door automation, this door drive successfully combines simple keypad programming for easy day-to-day control with long term reliability. 

More than capable of delivering continuous performance in even the busiest locations, the Win Drive units are surprisingly compact, measuring just 142mm x 100mm each and can be neatly concealed in the Rondor circular casing for a smart, minimalist finish.  For additional security at the University, the night setting allows the outer door to be opened to give visitors protection under the canopy, whilst only opening the inner door to 20cm.  

“The University of Nottingham is now established as a global force and its commitment to setting international standards shines through in the School of Humanities,” explains Clegg Construction’s MD, Simon Blackburn.  “It is a dramatic design in every sense.”