House on The Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs by Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada has been described as a geological wonder and as one of North America’s unique attractions. And it is not just the nature, but also the human-made creations that catches the eye and impresses the viewer.

This goes for House on the Bluffs as well, which PRO TEC has delivered doors and window elements for. Located on the edge of Scarborough Bluffs in the middle of a dramatic nature, among mature trees and with a commanding view of Lake Ontario:

I grew up on this site and always loved the physical beauty of the location. The PRO TEC windows so elegantly frame this nature and allow us to comfortably enjoy it whether it is –25 or +25C outside, says the owners of House on the Bluffs.

Blurring the distinction between inside and outside The PRO TEC Classic elements has been a highly suitable solution for the project according to the architects:

 PRO TEC windows and doors were the ideal product to achieve our goal of blurring the distinction between inside and outside for this spectacular site perched on the edge of lake Ontario. TORP Inc. worked closely with us to meet our schedule, coordinate installation and follow up afterwards to ensure that the work was completed to the highest standards, says lead architect Michael Taylor of Taylor Smyth Architects.

Two storey wall of glass The rear of the house, facing Lake Ontario, dissolves completely into a two storey wall of glass, punctured by the volume of the master bedroom that cantilevers out from over the dining room below. This volume is distinguished by a cladding of charcoal coloured fibre cement panels, both inside and out.

A long linear skylight runs along this volume, further splitting it off from the rest of the house and washing natural light deep into the space between the open living and dining room.

Architects: Taylor Smyth Architects

Builder: Wilson Project Managment

Photos: Ben Rahn/A Frame inc