Hollytrees Museum, Colchester

Project: Hollytrees Museum, Colchester

Heckmondwike’s popular Supacord carpet has been used to put the fun back into floorcovering in the form of an eye-catching carpet design at a museum in Colchester. The Hollytrees Museum now boasts a brightly coloured Snakes and Ladders design which leads visitors round a range of exhibits and demonstrates the tremendous design possibilities offered by Heckmondwike’s Supacord fibre bonded carpet.


“The brief called for a colourful design made from carpet that was readily available, but which could withstand the demanding environment and the high degree of foot traffic" comments Heckmondwike’s Sales Area Manager Jim Hodges.


“The Supacord carpet was recommended and installed for this project by Four Star Flooring Contracts of Wickford Essex. They have used Heckmondwike products on many previous projects and so knew that they could specify Supacord with complete confidence, despite the fact that it would be laid in such a high traffic area.”


With a 30-year track record of success to its credit, Heckmondwike’s Supacord carpet delivers outstanding durability and performance. It features a fibre bonded narrow-rib construction which allows it to be cut and laid without the danger of fraying. “This enabled Four Star to hand-cut the Supacord with great precision and create the Snakes and Ladders design for the Museum,” adds Jim Hodges.


The British-made Supacord range has recently been updated with a refreshed and extended range of colourways which allow it to provide the sort of outstanding design flexibility illustrated by this project. A choice of 2m and 4m wide carpets, plus a carpet tile option, further extend the versatility which Supacord can bring to a wide range of school, college, retail and office accommodation projects.