Hoblett Manor Infant School, Hertfordshire

Project: Hoblett Manor Infant School, Hertfordshire

In brief
A recently created sensory garden at a Hertfordshire Primary School required paving with a slip-resistant environmentally friendly paving system.

The project
Hoblett Manor Infant School required paths to be laid to their newly designed and created sensory garden, an enclosed area for children to enjoy nature and learn at the same time. The paths would be purely for foot traffic but needed to be visually attractive and slip-resistant. The school is committed to caring for the environment by recycling when possible, so Ronacrete’s newly introduced RonaDeck Eco Path MT was the obvious product for specification.

Product and application
RonaDeck EcoPath MT is a resin bound surfacing system that combines specially formulated resin with a blend of aggregate and recycled rubber granules (taken from truck tyres).

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Flintstone Solutions placed the vulcanised rubber granules and kiln dried aggregate into a clean, forced action mixer.

The two parts of the RonaDeck Eco Path MT resin were then mixed with a drill and helical paddle mixer attachment for 30-45 seconds. The mixed resin was immediately added to the mixer with the already mixed aggregate and rubber granules and mixed with the aggregate/rubber blend until the aggregate was evenly coated.

RonaDeck Eco Path MT was then applied at a thickness of 35mm to the prepared sub-base of compacted Type 3 aggregate and levelled and smoothed with a float, taking care not to compact the resin to ensure permeability.

The surface was allowed to cure and was ready for foot traffic within 24 hours. The day was sunny but if there had been heavy rain then the surface would have needed sheltering for the first 12 hours.

RonaDeck EcoPath MT is a resin bound aggregate surface for pedestrian traffic. RonaDeck EcoPath MT surfaces are decorative and functional, seamless and slightly flexible. The open matrix allows water to drain, eliminating water ponding and allowing water to drain to planted areas or land drains. The system is designed to be SuDS compliant reducing the impact of development on flood risk and allowing water to flow into water courses. Edgings created from brick, stone, timber or steel should be installed to retain and protect the resin bound surfacing.

RonaDeck EcoPath MT comprises RonaDeck EcoPath MT Resin, a two component moisture tolerant epoxy resin which binds aggregate and recycled vulcanised rubber granules. The RonaDeck EcoPath MT provides an attractive surface, is strong enough for foot traffic, and is highly porous. RonaDeck EcoPath MT is typically applied to compacted Type 3 aggregate to provide a thin alternative to asphalt or concrete.



RonaDeck EcoPath MT forms a series of pathways through the Sensory Garden at Hoblett Manor Infant School that are comfortable under foot and visually pleasing, enabling the pupils to gain access to the sights, smells and sounds of the garden.