High Profile Projects at Ropemaker Place and Walpole, Mayfair


Two major commercial and residential projects in London have underlined the expertise of Glass Aftercare in the project management, manufacture and installation of creative and technical glass solutions. The company has installed Blink Glass in many buildings throughout the UK and Europe and once again switchable glass technology has provided the solution in two contrasting environments.

Ropemaker Place is a Broadgates Estates development that offers the highest standards of office accommodation. Glass Aftercare’s outstanding expertise and experience was instrumental in their selection to manufacture and install some of the essential glazed units for the one of the City’s most sustainable buildings. Typically, Glass Aftercare has provided privacy, security and fire integrity in a replacement Boardroom door.

Blink Glass, with its ability to switch from clear to opaque on demand, offers the required privacy and security for this type of application. This technology has been integrated within an innovative fire rated glass door that is a highly effective fire barrier too. It is a practical, elegant and minimalist solution that wholly complements the hi-tech interior of the building.

Walpole Mayfair, a super prime collection of five residences located opposite The Ritz London, has set the highest standards in interior design, materials & finishes. Created by award winning interior design, architecture and development practice, Oliver Burns, switchable Blink Glass was selected by Glass Aftercare for installation within some of the bedrooms and bathrooms. It provides privacy for the occupiers at the flick of a switch whilst also making a major contribution to the ambience of the luxurious living space that has been created. The installation of Blink Glass assisted in creating a seamless flow throughout the master suite, uniting the bedroom with the bathroom and straight through into the dressing room.

Glass Aftercare’s vast experience and technical expertise were paramount to the success of both these projects. They highlight the company’s ability to specify the optimum glass solution to achieve the specifier’s desired aims whilst also illustrating the company’s ability to provide innovative solutions and take full responsibility for their installation.