Hendry Park, Killiney

Project: Hendry Park, Killiney

Cyngor Cymyned Llanelli Community council has recently welcomed the Hendry Park multi-use games area as a great asset to their community. Installed using Playrite’s Matchplay 2 material with inlaid lines for tennis, netball, basketball and 5-a-side football, the multi-use area will see some high footfall as it can be used for a number of different sports.

Matchplay 2 is the perfect all-rounder for a multi-use games area offering a more natural feel compared to other artificial products. A sand dressed surface that offers high performance and durability for a range of sports, particularly netball and tennis. The built in cushion layer makes for medium-paced play and is easy on player's leg joints. Inlaid lines can be permanently added in white, yellow, red and blue depending on the number and combination of sports to be played on the surface. With a high level of porosity, low maintenance requirements and all weather usage playing time can be maximised allowing all sectors to take advantage of this great asset to the community.

Owen Jones from Cyngor Clmyned Llanelli Community Council said that the ‘council were delighted with the new multi-use games area and the playing surface. It has completely transformed the local community by offering access to this type of facility for the young in the community.