Hauraton drainage channels used at Penarth Learning Community School


The £48 million Penarth Learning Community, designed by HLM Architects has been built on the

site of the St Cyres Secondary School. Pupils from St Cyres, Erw'r Delyn, Ashgrove and Ysgol

Maes Dyfan special schools come together at this complex; claimed to be the largest learning

facility of its type in Wales.

Penarth Learning Community School, Cardiff, South Wales, comprises a mainstream

comprehensive school with 1280 places, together with a special educational needs (SEN)

school, catering for 205 pupils with a wide spectrum of learning needs including those with

learning and physical difficulties and those on the autism spectrum. Together with a learning

facility, there is also a 1500 m² residential home, allowing 19 pupils to stay over at any one time

to provide respite to their families.

The new complex has gained a BREEAM sustainability rating of Excellent and an Energy

Performance Certificate “A” rating, so it is hoped the buildings will contribute to reducing energy

use and long term costs to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

With the site being quite flat and the new buildings’ surrounded by blocked and asphalted

surfaces, it was essential rainwater is drained effectively. Two Hauraton systems were chosen to

drain surface water: RECYFIX® PRO and RECYFIX® SLOTTED channels.

The Hauraton RECYFIX® PRO 100 channel system, fitted with FIBRETEC® C250, HEELSAFE

9mm slot gratings, was used to drain the asphalted yards and car park. Made from PA-GF, the

FIBRETEC® C250 HEELSAFE grating was specifically designed by Hauraton R & D engineers

to enhance the flow of water into the channel. The slots are super smooth, elliptical openings

with the moulded bars having slightly raised triangular bosses along their outside edges. As well

as providing an elegant appearance, the feature ensures surface water is directed into the slots.

This configuration also helps eliminate any cross-flow over the grating.

Aesthetic demands meant the surface water drainage for the blocked walkways had to be as

unobtrusive as possible yet fully meet the drainage requirement; this was achieved by installing

Hauraton RECYFIX® STANDARD SLOTTED CHANNELS fitted with symmetrical galvanised

steel covers. Once installed this system provides an unobtrusive, narrow line of slots in the

paved surfaces.

The RECYFIX® channel component is made from 100% recycled PE-PP. The six sizes offered

are 160mm wide and range in height from 75mm to 201mm. The FIBRETEC® grating are factory

fitted on all PRO units whilst the slotted components are fitted to the channels on site.

Steve Wiseman, Hauraton‘s Project Engineer comments; “By using two types of channel the

overall appearance of the blocked and asphalted areas was enhanced with the drainage

requirement fully met”.