Harveys, Lewes

Project: Harveys, Lewes

Safesite’s System 2000 roof edge protection system has been installed at Harveys in Lewes to enable safe access to the brewery’s chiller roof for maintenance of plant and equipment.

Regarded as a local icon, Harveys was founded in 1780 and is the oldest independent brewery in Sussex.  As with most buildings, plant and equipment is housed on the brewery’s roofs and regular access is required for maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Safesite’s System 2000 freestanding guardrail was specified following a  survey and assessment of the chiller roof area.  System 2000 provided the best solution as it was able to cope with the specific design requirements following the installation of a large chiller unit onto two RSJs on the roof. The system’s flexibility meant that it could be designed around the RSJs in order to provide continual edge protection throughout the roof area. 

System 2000 is installed with rubber matting bonded to the underside of components which come into contact with the room membrane.  Pedestrian tiles have also been placed where the base feet and counterweights are in contact with the roof membrane for added protection in warm weather.

The installation of Safesite’s System 2000 ensures that a safe working environment is provided for those accessing the roof and that Harveys is compliant with regulations and provides a physical form of protection when regular roof access is required.  

Safesite remains committed to ensuring that work at height is carried out safely and offers advice regarding compliance with the latest legislation, CPD training as well as workplace health and safety.