Harley Street Clinic Given a New Dimension with Textured Corian®

The new Isokinetic rehabilitation clinic on Harley Street in central London features CD UK’s new textured Corian® concept in its refined reception area.

Michael Davidson, the Managing Director of Isokinetic appointed Sonnemann Toon Architects LLP for the installation. As DuPont™ Corian® was specified for the reception desk and a stylish wall panel signage behind it, Wharf Solid Surface were contacted to make this possible. Wharf, based in Petersfield, have been one of the leading Corian® fabricators in the UK since 1994.

Anna-Marie Lutterodt ofSonnemann Toon Architects LLP commented‘the reception desk in front of the signage incorporates a smooth Corian® top and we wanted to use the same material for the signage background with the added depth of the textured Corian®. This was selected for the high quality fine textured pattern it has and the way this catches the light.’

Paul Holloway, Operations Manager at Wharf, explained that ‘this was a fantastic job to be involved in. We needed to join 2no. sheets to achieve the required dimension which wasn’t straight forward but we like a challenge. So the panel was fixed through the face and plugged to hide all fixings. This attained the desired effect’.

Isokinetic is one of the first installations to use CD UK’s new range of textured and patterned Corian®. A series of designs have been launched which are already moulded or routered and ready to be integrated into almost any conceivable scheme or sector.

The qualities of Corian® remain the same

  • Sophisticated combination of beauty, strength and versatility

  • Pure, solid and extremely durable

  • Waterproof

  • Stain resistant

Panels can also be backlit to create even more stunning effects.

Bespoke patterns are available, please contact CD UK with your ideas.

Client: Michael Davidson, MD at Isokinetic (Harley Street)

Architect: Sonnemann Toon Architects LLP

Fabricator: Wharf Solid Surface

Material: Solid surface Corian® from CD UK