HAFELE Business Development & Innovation Centre, Haynes Way

Project: HAFELE Business Development & Innovation Centre, Haynes Way

The elegant door design of the HAFELE Business Development & Innovation Centre at Haynes Way, Rugby was enhanced to ensure concealment of door ironmongery by specifying SIMONSWERK completely hidden TECTUS TE540FR fire rated adjustable hinges with integral intumescent material within the hinge body. Director for Architectural Business, Mike Kelly had no hesitation in recommending the award winning SIMONSWERK TECTUS hinge system to HB Architects as an example of their aim to focus on providing state of the art technology and contemporary design features.

The remodelled 3 story building was recognised as one of the Architectural Ironmongery Industries finest projects with a GAI RIBA Commercial Buildings category award and unifies a complementary suite of training and support facilities.