Hadley Learning Community, Telford

Project: Hadley Learning Community, Telford

Rhepanol fk and hg provided a solution for lost green space on one of the UK’s largest Private Finance Initiatives, Hadley Learning Community Complex.

The 16-hectare, state-of-the art education centre, which brings together nursery, primary, secondary and community education facilities, is now a Telford landmark.

Some 14,000 sq m of its high quality flagship membranes Rhepanol fk and Rhepanol hg for the flat roof areas of the mammoth two-storey project, where one of the major priorities was keeping the roof maintenance free for the maximum possible length of time.

Nine roof areas were fitted with 12,000 sq m of Rhepanol fk while an additional 2,000 sq m of Rhepanol hg were installed to two featured green roofs, to keep them watertight and root-resistant.  These were made up of Rhepanol hg, a drainage layer, soil substrate and a planted layer of sedum.