Haddiscoe Viaduct, Norfolk

Project: Haddiscoe Viaduct, Norfolk

The Haddiscoe viaduct on the A143 in Norfolk crosses the Norfolk-Suffolk railway line and the New Cut canal. It is undergoing an extensive repainting project which is being carried out by Norfolk County Council in two phases over 2013 and 2014 at a cost of £775,000. A large quantity of the work is being done at night to cause minimum disruption to traffic.


Prior to the repainting of the viaduct, concrete repair works had to be undertaken to crosshead beams, deck soffits and columns.


Ronacrete Approved Contractor Apolodor under instruction from Norfolk County Council, cut away the damaged concrete and cleaned and treated the corroded steel reinforcement.  Sacrificial anodes were then installed to protect steel reinforcement against corrosion. RonaBond HB40 was used to repair the concrete.  RonaBond HB40 is a high build concrete repair mortar designed for ease of use on overhead or vertical surfaces such as those on the viaduct.


RonaBond HB40 features


  • high build repairs typically 50mm thick vertically
  • Excellent application properties
  • pre-packed for consistent quality
  • water resistant
  • frost resistant
  • excellent for thick section soffit work


Approved Contractor


Ronacrete highly recommends that products are applied by an Approved Contractors such as Apolodor.  A Ronacrete Approved Contractor should be able to present a signed certificate of approval showing their area(s) of expertise. The logos and certificates are colour coded to show the product ranges a contractor is approved to apply. Apolodor is an Approved Contractor for the Concrete Repair and Coatings and Waterproofing and Tanking ranges.