Greenwich University – Department of Architecture

Project: University of Greenwich, Stockwell Street Building

The Greenwich campus occupies the historic buildings that were previously the home of the old Royal Naval College. The main campus buildings originally designed by Sir Christopher Wren are now a world heritage site based on the banks of the Thames.

Ultimately as with any large project, flexibility is always beneficial and the loose lay system ensured that regardless of floor void, any maintenance or repair that is required under the floor, the system confidently supports the reinstatement process. The norament® 975 LL product is a loose lay tile which is extraordinarily dimensionally stable. The floorcovering can be securely, quickly and cost-effectively fixed in a simple way without requiring the otherwise necessary subfloor preparation.

norament® 975 LL has the same characteristics which make other products from nora® floorcoverings outstanding. It does not contain any PVC, plasticizers or halogens, is extremely durable and easy to clean thanks to the extremely dense, closed surface and nora cleanguard®. The 975 tile has a unique patented rigid mesh layer which helps to hide the grid below and to achieve as monolithic installation as possible.

nora® rubber floorcoverings are repeatedly preferred for schools worldwide, thanks to their high resilience and low maintenance costs. Giving excellent service for years to come.

Find a flooring that is easy and fast to lay on raised access floors without any down time. In addition access to the subfloor should be possible after the installation for maintenance or repair.