Grade II Listed Peterborough Property

Standing within four and half acres of land stands an elegant Grade II Listed property in Peterborough. It was built between 1841 and 1847 for W Lawrence Clark of the Peace for the Liberty of Peterborough. It has had some interesting occupants as well as visitors in its time.

The house belonged to the Hartley family from 1901-1996 and was the childhood home for novelist L.P. Hartley who wrote ‘The Go-Between’.

Due to the impressive nature of this Tudor Style stone building, along with its history, the property hosted many significant meetings such as the League of Nations annual meeting in 1937 - better known today as the United Nations.

Unfortunately this grand house fell into disrepair and was vandalised while left unoccupied for a few years. The Hartley family were approached by  several interested parties to purchase the property and its grounds, one wanted to convert it into a casino and another into a nursing home. However, a family succeeded in buying the property and took on the onerous task of restoring it for their family home.

“It was going to be an enormous project”, explained the owner “With a huge amount of work to be carried out on the house and in the grounds. Old characteristic buildings like this come with their own challenges.”

The traditional brick building is spread over many levels, has high ceilings and a number of different sized original single glazed windows throughout the house, which rendered it thermally inefficient, cold and draughty.  

“After repairing the roof and making a number of other essential repairs, we researched the options to address the windows, which were letting a great deal of heat escape through poor seals and the thin glass. As the building is Listed, our options were limited, so a relation recommended we made contact with Selectaglaze who specialise in secondary glazing.”

A technical advisor from Selectaglaze visited to make an initial assessment of all the windows that needed to be treated. It was not going to be an easy task, due to the number of different sizes and the composition of the original windows; some metal frame, some wooden.  The owners were also keen to try and colour-match the secondary frames to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

A total of 40 windows have been treated thus far using a selection of three window styles; hinged, sliding and lift-out, in three different colours. A number of windows with working shutters were treated with Selectaglaze’s ultra slim Series 47 hinged system which was able to sit tight behind the shutters allowing continued operation.

The result is a work of art and is also saving the family money, as Selectaglaze’s secondary glazing markedly reduces heat loss and high performance seals almost eliminate draughts leading to lower heating bills.

The owner went on to say, “We were extremely happy with our decision to use Selectaglaze. The technical advice was second to none and the products look fantastic – even though we hardly notice them now! The installers were efficient, on-time, extremely friendly and very tidy. We have treated the windows in a number of key areas in the house and have already seen an improvement in our levels of comfort and in the heating bills. We hope to be treating the remainder of the windows in the not too distant future, but in a property like this, there is a never ending list of jobs and repairs to be carried out”.