Gorilla Kingdom, London Zoo

Project: Gorilla Kingdom, London Zoo

SIMONSWERK hinges have been fitted throughout the famous Gorilla Kingdom at London Zoo. The fantastic Gorilla exhibit, officially opened in 2007, gives the Gorillas, as well as other animals such as Colobus monkeys, more space and an exciting setting for visitors to view in a sub tropical style environment.

The Variant VX range of heavy duty hinges, used for the Gorilla houses, were supplied by SIMONSWERK customer Franchi Locks & Tools in conjunction with Architects Proctor & Matthews This major project benefited from close cooperation between the specifier, manufacturer and the Zoological Society of London – ZSL. The hinges were fitted by contractor Crispin & Borst.

Following concern with previous systems SIMONSWERK VX hinges, in stainless steel, were chosen for both the internal and external doors of the new Gorilla houses to provide specific high load capacity with maintenance free, smooth performance and 3D adjustment.  ZSL confirmed that the success of the SIMONSWERK hinge application has resulted in specification of this same ironmongery for their hinge replacement programme for other animal houses at both London Zoo & Whipsnade Wild Animal Park.