Global offices choose ROCKFON Artic acoustic ceilings

Regus is a global workplace provider offering flexible space solutions for over two million members. They currently operate in over 300 locations within the UK and have recently added a new site in Leicester to their growing network. Approximately 1500m² ROCKFON Artic ceilings were installed throughout the new office to help create the perfect working environment.

The Leicester offices are designed to suit different styles of working with open-plan and private areas, as well as kitchen amenities. Client companies including Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline choose Regus because they want comfortable spaces that are quiet and confidential. Artic ceilings provide enhanced sound absorption (0.8aw) which helps control unwanted noise, aid concentration and improve privacy.

Regus are very pleased with their new office: “The new ceilings provide perfect acoustics for a busy, often noisy, working environment. The finished workplace looks attractive and we’re sure our members will enjoy using them.” Ian Sturgess from Elmsmere Ceilings, a ROCKFON Active Installer, fitted Artic at the Leicester office and was impressed with how quick and easy it was to install. “We’ve used ROCKFON Artic ceilings before and because the tiles are light in weight and easy to cut they are a great product to fit. The installation went like clockwork. Artic was in stock and readily available at an affordable price. Life would be so easy if all jobs were as straight forward as this one.”

Artic ceiling tiles have a smooth white finish which is ideal for the office’s contemporary minimalist design. They offer optimum light reflection creating light, bright areas and reduce the need for artificial light. The ceiling tiles were fitted using the Chicago Metallic 2890 click grid system from ROCKFON.

Artic ceilings provide protection from fire, offering the safest Class A1 fire performance. The ceiling tiles are durable and designed to withstand up to 100% humidity resistance so they will not lose their shape in moist environments, making them ideally suited for the kitchen and washroom areas.