Gatic chosen for City of Culture Public Realm

Gatic’s innovative surface water drainage systems Filcoten and ProSlot have been chosen for the £26m Public Realm project in Hull.

Selected as the City of Culture 2017, Hull’s City Centre is being transformed all the way from its Paragon Interchange where residents and visitors will experience a high quality entrance to the City, through to its historic marina area. Granite paving, wider pedestrian areas, outdoor cafes, water features, and relaxing seating areas are just a few of the elements included in the City’s regeneration plan.  

Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd is the contractor completing all of the work, and having worked closely with Gatic on previous projects, they chose Filcoten and ProSlot for all of the City’s surface water drainage.

Filcoten is the first lightweight concrete channel drain that sets new standards in strength, installed performance and environmental compatibility. Its wide range - Pro, Tec, Self, Pave and Green – makes it an ideal choice in multi-purpose areas, with load classes from A15 for pedestrian schemes to F900 where a robust system is essential. ProSlot is the perfect slot drain solution for pedestrian areas and shopping centres. It comes with exceptional drainage capacity, is easy and quick to install and its unique design ensures a discreet finish once installed. The premium quality of Filcoten and ProSlot made them the products of choice for such a significant and complex project.

Tim Croft, Senior Site Agent of Eurovia Contracting North comments: “We have a longstanding relationship with Gatic and they deliver every time. Filcoten and ProSlot give us the flexibility, value and performance we need for such a high profile project.”

The City of Culture Public Realm project started in 2015 and is due to finish in Spring 2017.