Frieze Art Fair, London

Project: Frieze Art Fair, London

Frieze Art Fair in London’s Regent Park was billed as the contemporary art event of the year. The show ran between the 17th and 20th of October and featured over 150 exciting galleries. To ensure the event ran smoothly, SMARTPLY OSB and MEDITE MDF were chosen as the main construction materials for the gallery walls and flooring.

This vast scale project for MEDITE SMARTPLY supplied over 22,000m2 of OSB. SMARTPLY OSB3 is the strong, versatile wood-based panel product selected for the gallery floors. The moisture resistant and high performance load-bearing timber based panel has a specialist resin formulation; this creates a strong bond, which removes any naturally occurring weaknesses. The enhanced construction of the timber is what gives it the inherent strength suitable for the flooring. What’s more, SMARTPLY OSB provides specifiers and installers with peace of mind – it carries the CE mark, proving it complies with current legislation and offers a legal and sustainable alternative to tropical plywood.

MEDITE FR is a specialist panel designed specifically for applications where a flame retardant board is required. Used for the display panels in the gallery, the MDF has a 30-minute fire resisting partition, which is not only crucial for venues frequented by the public, but will also help to protect the priceless pieces of art displayed at the Frieze Art Fair. This specific material is ideal for dry internal use, and is part of Medite’s high-performance MDF family.

MEDITE SMARTPLY products are manufactured from their forests in Ireland and are renewable and sustainable raw timber materials. As a company it consistently seeks to innovate its product solutions in an environmentally responsible way. Highlighting the importance of sustainable materials, MEDITE SMARTPLY comments

“With full FSC certification, both SMARTPLY and MEDITE offer end users reliable wood-based panels which are high quality, versatile and easy to work with. The Frieze Art Fair demonstrates some of the different ways our panels can be used.”