Fraser Place, Queens Gate Hotel

Project: Fraser Place, Queens Gate Hotel

VRV heat recovery air conditioning has been installed in one of the most luxurious, best appointed and fully serviced ‘Apart Hotels’ in London. Located in the capital’s exclusive West Kensington area, Fraser Place Queens Gate Hotel comprises 78 deluxe suites, each completely self contained and boasting the very latest in-room technology.
The 7 individual floors and 3 mezzanine levels of the complex are all supplied with air conditioning by 1 VRV heat recovery systems with capacities from 22.40 to 44.50kW (cooling) and 25.00 to 50.05kW (heating) plus a further 6 Sky Air split systems. Both VRV and Sky Air outdoor condensing units are located at 2nd, 4th and 5th fl at roof levels on purpose designed steel frames and also in the basement. All systems were selected and installed by D1 installer, Ensys Ltd, Thatcham, Berks.
VRV and Sky Air systems are linked to 160 mixed wall and floor mounted heat pump indoor fan coil units, installed at a rough average of 2 per suite. A further 5 chassis type floor mounted units are located in existing wooden enclosures in the reception area and breakfast room. Fresh air for the various fan coil units is supplied via existing airhandling plant and indoor temperatures are maintained at 22°C +/-1 deg C throughout the year. Fraser Place Queens Gate is a listed building and due to its architectural structure, variable room sizes and layouts, viable service piping routes dictated that some fan coil units could not be connected to the main VRV circuits – hence the installation of Sky Air systems in certain areas. Similar strictures determined the selection of mixed wall and floor mounted indoor units.
The overall air conditioning is monitored and controlled by 2 Daikin Intelligent controllers, located in the reception area and linked to individual remote controllers, some with 7 day, 24 hour time clocks, for local temperature control within the apartments. Intelligent controllers provide individual control of fan coil unit set point, fan speed and start/stop functions plus automatic cooling/heating changeover, indication of impending fi lter replacement, management data on electrical consumption and simple navigation via an easy to read and operate graphical user interface.
An Ensys spokesman explained that Daikin VRV air conditioning was chosen primarily for its overall suitability for use in older and listed buildings.