Foot Bridges, Olympic Village, London

Project: Foot Bridges, Olympic Village, London

Arch Timber Protection’s expertise will be on show at the Olympics, as Tanalised Clear pressure treated timber has been designed into the T12 bridge, one of the site’s key wood-clad pedestrian bridges.
In 2012, the UK will host the world’s biggest sporting event, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Construction work for the Olympics has included a number of well-designed and eye-catching temporary and permanent metal and wood combination pedestrian bridges. The T12 bridge, designed and constructed by BAM Nuttall, has a span of around 55 metres and crosses over Stratford High Street, connecting a car and coach park with the underpass leading into the Olympic park. It will carry around a fifth of the site’s pedestrian traffic. The 200 tonne wood and metal structure was lifted into place last month.
The bridge used around 12,000 metres of FSC-certified siberian larch cladding louvers, 200 metres of laminated special larch sections and 7000 metres of Tanalised Extra pressure treated anti-slip decking timbers, all supplied by Hoppings Softwood Products. The larch is Tanalised Clear preservative treated, which not only protects against the long term threat of fungal decay and insect attack, but also leaves the timber with a brighter and more natural appearance. The Q-Grip decking timbers incorporate effective slip resistant aggregate strips and are protected with Tanalith Extra wood preservative with a built-in water repellent.
Hoppings Softwood Products Marketing & Technical Director Adam Pulfer said: “Even though the bridge is only temporary, it will be in place until 2013, and we wanted to extend the natural look of the larch throughout this period. We chose Tanalised Clear treatment because it will slow the bleaching affects of UV, keeping the wood’s natural colour and beauty as long as possible.”
Tanalised Clear pressure treated timber is protected with Tanalith M, a waterborne, metal-free wood preservative based on Arch’s unique triazole technology. Tanalised Clear treated timber is designed for use in exterior out of ground contact applications, such as cladding and decking.