FloorSkills Training Centre, Solihull

FloorSkills offers high quality training and education for flooring installers in the form of CITB accredited courses and qualifications.


Training is given from a specially designed centre, where Flooring Contractors are given a wide range of tuition under the supervision of the country’s leading trainers backed by experienced tutors and leading manufacturers.

A second level of the training centre was being opened and the new staircase to this level needed to offer complete safety for students and trainees and be an example of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

In terms of safety the requirement was for a staircase with a Stair Nosing that was identifiable day and night.


Quantum Flooring Stair Nosings with Ecoglo treads pro vided the perfect solution. The yellow photoluminescent tread material clearly identifies the steps by day and b y night.

The glow ensures a visible stairway even if the lights are out coupled with the excellent slip resistant properties of the tread material Ecoglo provides the safe stairway the specification required.

This World leading technology has been used all o ver the globe in a range of prestigious installations and represents the same attributes of high quality and safety that FloorSkills promotes in its training.