Fläkt Woods identifies a key area for improvement for Initial Facilities

Initial Facilities, Northcliffe House, London, UK


  • Reduce energy consumption by 10%
  • Improve reliability of ageing system
  • Extend existing plant life
  • Achieve ISO 150001

Replacement of 30 belt-driven centrifugal fans with new direct drive CENTRIFLOW Plus plug fans with high efficiency motors.

Full Story:

Fläkt Woods identifies a key area for improvement for Initial Facilities

After an initial consultation with the building’s facilities management company, Initial Facilities, Fläkt Woods identified a key area of improvement. This consisted of replacing 30 belt-driven centrifugal fans, which had standard efficiency motors in the air handling units, with new direct drive CENTRIFLOW Plus plug fans comprising high efficiency motors.

On many of the AHUs, the motor size was significantly reduced from 11kW to 7.5kW. This provided impressive energy savings of over £3,000 per unit per year, which equates to £90,000 for the entire site once all upgrades have been completed. As a result of the energy savings and DMG Media Facilities Department’s demonstration of continual improvement in energy management, the property achieved ISO 50001 in July 2013.

Further long term savings will also be achieved through a reduced maintenance schedule on the new plug fans.

Commenting on Fläkt Woods, Key Account Manager for Initial Facilities, Kevin Jackson, said:

“In 2012, the building owners set a target of reducing energy consumption by 10% over five years, and the introduction of the new plug fans has been a major contributor. They’ve maintained comfort levels within the building, while significantly reducing the load, which has resulted in the impressive savings.

“With the overall service from Fläkt Woods proving excellent throughout, we’re sure to use them again for other projects.”

Initial Facilities has also introduced a raft of other energy saving measures throughout the property, such as seasonal optimisation of the BMS, upgrades to lighting units and educating the building’s workforce to name but a few.

Daniel Young, UK Service Manager at Fläkt Woods, commented: “We’ve had some great success in reducing energy usage with the integration of plug fans in commercial ventilation systems. So, when Initial Facilities contacted us, we suggested setting up a couple of trial units on the building to measure the potential energy savings. A data logger was also installed to measure usage before and after, which would help justify the upgrades throughout the building. With the substantial energy savings available, the decision was taken to roll out the upgrades to another 16.

“Following the success of the project, we now have a partnership with Initial, which will see us work together on other energy saving schemes throughout the country – and no doubt produce the same successful outcomes.”