First R32 system install in the UK

Daikin UK’s Emura climate control system has become the first air conditioning product to be installed in the UK using R32 refrigerant gas. Daikin D1 approved installer, Young Air Conditioning who are based in Malvern, installed the award-winning product using the highly energy efficient refrigerant in a domestic application Worcestershire.

 Wayne Young and his team at Young Air Conditioning installed the latest version of the Daikin Emura system in a modern, rural barn conversion in Malvern. The unit was installed to offset the solar gain in the centre of building. As well as reducing the carbon footprint of the refurbished barn, the Daikin Emura R32 also contains a lower refrigerant base charge for the pre-charge 10m pipe run.

Speaking after the installation in Malvern, Wayne Young said: “We choose to use R32 refrigerant gas for the installation as we believe that its environmental and high energy efficiency properties are the way forward for the industry. With no real difference to the R410a installation process, installing the Daikin Emura with R32 gas was simple and straightforward, providing only benefits for the end user.”

As part of the European phase-down of hydro-fluorocarbons, refrigerant gases are now rated on their Global Warming Potential (GWP). With an aim to lower the potential impact of refrigerant gases on global temperature, the HVAC industry, led by Daikin UK, is moving toward using R32 on smaller split units. As well as R32 having a GWP rating of 675, one third of R410a, meaning R32 will have a much lower environmental impact, the gas is also significantly more energy efficient.

Ideal for homes and offices, the Emura has an operating range from  -10 to 46°CDB for cooling and -15 to 20°CDB for heating, providing the ultimate in indoor climate control. The forward thinking system has sensors so it can deflect airflow from the direction of people within a room, as well as detecting when a room is empty to alter its settings accordingly, ensuring energy efficiency at all times.

With a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 4.60 and a seasonal coefficient of performance of 7.19, the 3.5kW Daikin Emura produces a high-energy performance in all weathers and climates.

Suitable for use in larger spaces or multiple rooms, Daikin Emura’s R410a can be connected to a single outdoor unit as well as a multi split or VRV heat pump using an expansion valve box.

This intelligent system can then be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet on a local network, 3G or 4G. Providing absolute control and comfort for each user regardless of their location.

Graham Wright, Legislation Specialist at Daikin UK said: “We’re proud to have worked with Young Air Conditioning to install the first R32 system in the UK.  Combining the innovative and intelligent Daikin Emura with the environmentally friendly and energy efficient qualities of R32 reflects the evolution of the air conditioning industry. As a forward thinking manufacturer currently phasing in R32 gas, we were on hand throughout the installation to provide advice on how to correctly and safely use the new refrigerant gas.”

To make sure you’re confident installing the new systems, Daikin UK offer R32 training covering all you need to get up to speed with the small changes. Book online at

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