Farmhouse, West Pennine Moors

Project: Farmhouse, West Pennine Moors

A remote stone farmhouse on the West Pennine Moors has been given a hi-tech makeover by home automation installer Morban, featuring Cytech Europe’s Comfort Intelligent Home System.

The traditional farmhouse, built in 1870, was modernised and extended as his family home by owner, Nigel - a property investor and developer.  The family – wife, Ashley and two children, a girl of 6 and a boy aged 4, love the ease and simplicity of their home automation system that they can all operate.   “It’s really great.   You can control the gates, view all the CCTV cameras, distribute video and TV throughout the house to the 12 flat screen TV’s and much more”, said Nigel.

High Security For Remote Location

“We worked on this project over quite a long period, about 5 months, whilst the house was being restored.   The key factor was a need for high security in this very rural and iconic location.   The owner also needed easy to use remote access to all the home controls – and no visible wires”, commented Geoff Banks, Director at Morban Limited.

The Comfort Intelligent Home System was installed to interface with control technology for the two gates, three garages in their own block, the Systemline audio control, three touch control panels and the Velux windows throughout the house.   Additional technology installed by Morban includes the 12 flatscreen TV’s, HD video distribution system for TV and the CCTV cameras, multi-room audio and video, an AV server storing music and films, and the CCTV cameras visible from screens anywhere in the house and over the internet

Kit List and Key Functions

Comfort System

- Monochrome LCD touch panels at entry points offering control over security system, gates, garage doors, Velux windows & audio systems
- Telephone access for remote security access / gate control
- Time programmes and reminders eg: opening of selected gates for refuse collection day
- Voice mail
- Voice prompted interaction

- Remote door station, ‘away mode’ communication via mobile or remote telephone enabling conversation with visitor at gate.
- Control of Gates.
- Control of Garage doors
- Control of Velux windows
- Out-building integration via slave unit system
- Powerful alarm functionality


- Digital loop recording of cameras
- 9 High quality day/night external discrete dome cameras
- Remote internet access


- Central DVD / CD audio and video server for storage of clients media incorporating a fully backed up disc storage array
- Digital media clients to whole house
- HD Video distribution system to 12 zones
- Centrally located and managed SKY HD and SKY Plus systems
- Centrally located DVR CCTV System
- Bathroom TV
- Whole house audio system including en-suite hallways and external patios
- Digital audio streaming of music and internet radio
- Centralised storage of photos
- Discrete 5.1 surround sound systems to lounge, snug and master bedroom

Remote Control

Operation of AV & security systems via handheld and in-wall touch screen remote controls
- In-wall only controls for children's zones with restricted access to their systems

IR & RF distribution of controls to centrally located systems