Fabio Ferrari Science and Technology Centre, Povo di Trento

Project: Fabio Ferrari Science and Technology Centre, Povo di Trento

In Operaare pleased to announce another world class project involving our Mariotti external cladding and Terazzo systems.

We supplied 20,800m2 of external wall cladding for Internationally renowned Japanese architects Ishimoto in the building of the first phase of the Fabio Ferrari Science and Technology Centre recently completed in Povo di Trento, Northern Italy.

This project faced several challenges that we overcame by tailoring the product specifically  to meet the architectural requirements, enabling us to come up with the ideal ventilated façade solution.  
It was in fact this ‘cut to size’ philosophy that helped us secure the order, which was for a combination of internal and external areas:
For the internal terraces they used a 40x40x3.5 terrazzo tile colour, car-grey, which was polished on site.  This highly resistant and durable material boasts an EN 137848-1 certification.

The external terraces used a 40x40x3.5 bush-hammered and impregnated tiles colour porfido, installed on mortar with joints of 3mm.  These tiles certified to: EN 13748-2 to EN 1339, were specially selected for their frost resistant and durable qualities.
Given the conspicuous nature of any building’s façade the selection of material used is of prime importance and In Opera’s Mariotti product was the ideal choice. Mounted on a metal substructure using pre-cut grooves, with an insulation wall thickness of 10 cm and reinforcement webs where needed, the tiles chosen were bush-hammered, 4cm thick and of a combination of mixed sizes; 90x80, 90x110 and 65x90.   The colour, matched the architect’s specifications, is a warm and natural local yellow stone.
Once again In Opera’s Mariotti products, have provided a competitive alternative to natural stone, which is precast to the required technical specifications to suit the installation system, and has the added advantage of colour diversity and shape. A further attribute is their use of materials that have a great environmental performance in their effective insulation of the building, maintaining a comfortable temperature and avoiding over-use of   heating or cooling systems.