F. Ball products fit the bill for gym conversion

A range of high performance floor preparation products from F. Ball and Co. Ltd have been used to create a smooth and durable surface for the installation of new floorcoverings at a newly refurbished Crossfit gym in Surrey. Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane was used to create a barrier against subfloor moisture, before contractors from Quattro Flooring primed the surface with Stopgap P131 primer and installed Stopgap 600 Base to quickly and economically raise floor levels. Stopgap P131 Primer and Stopgap 200 Smooth were then used to create a perfectly smooth, finished surface for the installation of the new floorcoverings.

Speaking about the job, Russell Carpenter, Sales Director at Quattro Flooring, said: “We’ve had a good relationship with the F. Ball reps for a number of years, and their advice has always been reliable. The products we used performed as promised; they were fast setting and easy to use.”

Contractors from Quattro Flooring were called in to refurbish the disused warehouse in Surrey, which is being converted into a new Crossfit gym. The existing floor was in very poor condition, and around 70mm of concrete and 10mm of asphalt material needed to be removed from the 639m2 area before the installation could begin. This was a time consuming task, and put added pressure on the contractors who needed to complete the work as quickly as possible.

Once the subfloor had been cleaned and suitably prepared, contractors conducted relative humidity tests and installed Stopgap F77 waterproof surface membrane. Stopgap F77 is a two-part epoxy resin system that impedes the passage of rising damp and residual construction moisture up to relative humidity values of 98%.

In order to quickly build up floor levels, Quattro contractors then pump-applied Stopgap 600 Base deep section compound over the primed membrane in thicknesses up to 50mm. Stopgap 600 Base is specifically designed for use when floor levels need to be rapidly and economically built up for heavy duty applications.

As Stopgap 600 Base sets sufficiently in just 3 hours, flooring contractors from Quattro were able to continue with the installation much more quickly than if they had been using a sand/cement screed or concrete, which can take up to one day per millimetre thickness to dry out.

As soon as the newly raised subfloor was set and the subfloor was primed, contractors applied Stopgap 200 Smooth in order to prepare the subfloor for the installation of the new high performance Plae floorcoverings, which are specially designed for use in gyms and high impact environments.

Stopgap 200 Smooth is a rapid drying, self-levelling smoothing underlayment designed to create a smooth, even surface over a wide range of subfloor types. It is suitable for use in heavy-duty applications, can be applied in thicknesses from 2-20mm, and can be walk on hard in as little as 90 minutes.

Russell Carpenter further commented: “Stopgap 200 Smooth gave us the perfect finish we needed to install the new Plae floorcoverings. The product set quickly, allowing us to get on and finish the job in just a few hours.”