Evelyn Street, Lewisham

Project: Evelyn Street, Lewisham

Ultracrete’s HAPAS approved manhole reinstatement system has been used to install 13 coverTEC® composite access covers along a section of the London Marathon route.

One particular part of the route, crossing into Lewisham at Evelyn Street, was suffering from wear and tear caused by heavy traffic which had resulted in the failure of several access covers along it. 

Ultracrete’s Area Sales Manager, David Youell, met with representatives from the London Borough of Lewisham and contractor F M Conway to discuss the problem. The chambers had become worn and polished and also required the support of a more durable installation system.

Ultracrete recommended its manhole reinstatement system (HAPAS Approved by the BBA) with coverTEC® durable, yet lightweight composite covers and frames. Both offer, where appropriate, excellent compressive and tensile strengths which facilitate a long service life.

The reinstatement system comprises of a range of bedding mortars, backfill flowable concrete, cold lay asphalt concrete and a bitumen seal and tack spray. The rapid setting properties of these materials means that roads can be open to traffic in little over an hour.

Envirobed HA104®, high performance bedding mortar, was used on this occasion to bed the frames. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to resin-based materials, and has an excellent track record. Over 10 years of exhaustive trials with zero failures. It achieves a superior compressive strength of 51N/mm² and a tensile strength of 5.8N/mm² in just 3 hours. Ultracrete’s QC10 F Rapid Set Flowable Concrete was used to back fill the frame, providing a solid restraining course, and a 20N/mm² strength gain in just 90 minutes!

Class D400 vehicular grade composite covers and frames were installed, which are 3rd party certified by Lloyds British to fully comply with EN124: 1994. The covers also offer a 15 year product replacement guarantee and their longevity eradicates the maintenance and replacement costs synonymous with traditional manhole covers.

London Borough of Lewisham specified Ultracrete materials because they needed a right first time repair. Len Haylor, Highways Manager for the borough, commented ‘The products performed very well and the covers were easy to handle and install.