Evelina Childrens Hospital, London

Project: Evelina Childrens Hospital, London

For 9 Years now, the Evelina Childrens hospital has been servicing the many local resident children with Critical Healthcare needs.
It was over 11 years ago that nora were involved in the concept design for the hospital and the proposed plans for the detailed way-finding system that would be used, without the need for wording. The reasons for this were 2 fold, to accommodate the 26 different languages that are spoken in the area and also to truly make this a more fun place to be for the Children. The floors would accommodate the way-finding by means of design themes for each floor and iconic symbols to follow through the chosen floor to the particular function area. Still, after all this time, it is great to get in the lift and see these icons printed on the different floor levels. The intricate design inlay work has enabled a truly bespoke floor creating a wealth of intrigue for all the new arrivals.
The choice of coverings followed many criteria for Hopkins architects, however the subject of environmental credentials was of great importance. Nora flooring offers individually assessed BRE A+ products, but also the Blue Angel award for Low LOC’s. This means that the nora floor will not outgas harmful emissions and instead will contribute positively to the healthy breathing environment of the hospital. Floors that outgas are proven to affect children more due to them being closer to the floor.
So after all this time, what matters most is that the floor provides the aesthetic and most importantly the durable, hygienic and cleanable characteristics promoted by the nora healthcare flooring system. Nora have recently been in touch with the hospital to ensure their content with the product and its use, during this visit we were made aware of the excellent results that have been achieved using the nora cleaning pad system.
Amanda Carlin is in charge of the Maintenance of the Hospital and she stated: “Nora flooring has been installed here for 9 years. We were maintaining the floors successfully using the standard cleaning system, but now we are using the nora pad system, which is solution free. We just use water and the results are excellent, the speed in which we are able to clean the floors has improved as well. The floor looks like new and is hygienic” The occupation of this hospital has increased quite considerably, and with more Children comes more noise. The acoustic benefits of rubber flooring, offering up to 8dB sound reduction, are utilized here to create as calming an atmosphere as possible. This can only positively contribute to the healing environment.
The Healthcare Market is nora’s largest global sector and as such the nora flooring system offered for such areas takes into account all the strict demands on a floorcovering. Nora always aims to offer support from design concept to efficient maintenance and client assistance many, many years on.
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