Equestrian Centre, Godalming, Surrey

Project: Equestrian Centre, Godalming, Surrey

Daylight & Ventilation Solutions Ltd (DVS) recently completed the installation of 312m² of continuous barrel vault rooflights in just 3½ days onto a new build equestrian centre in Godalming, Surrey.

DVS are the exclusive UK distribution partner for the German rooflight manufacturing company Lamilux GmbH. DVS’ managing director, Daniel Boughton is delighted to report upon the successful completion of its first major UK installation project of its continuous rooflight system.

The indoor riding arena measuring 20 x 60 metres has two adjoining 21No stall stable block wings, and each of the buildings benefit from natural daylight and ventilation from large continuous rooflights installed onto the roofs ridge. Each of the stable blocks has a 3 x 28 metre rooflight and the riding arena has an impressive 3 x 48 metre rooflight.

Daniel explains “We worked closely with the architect and main contractor to ensure that the desired levels of daylight, solar protection, heat insulation and ventilation were achieved and this was realised by specifying our continuous rooflight glazed with 16mm 6-ply multi-wall opal polycarbonate sheets”,  he added, “This particular specification offers a Ug (glazing) value of just 1.8W/m²K and because of our thermally optimised frame profile we could offer the assurance of a verified total product U-value of 2.0W/m²K”.

Natural ventilation was also a very important consideration for this project and Daniel confirms how this was achieved “We supplied 4No. 1.2 x 2 metre electrically opening ventilation flaps per rooflight. Each of the opening vents is actuated via a 230v motor with 300mm stroke length”, he continued,  ”we also supplied our ‘weather pack’ which consists of a combined wind and rain sensor – so any open vents will automatically close in the event of high winds or rain”.

The building’s gluelam roof structure is clad with 80mm Kingspan insulated panels, and the rooflights were installed onto the weathered timber upstands.

Commenting on the speed and efficiency of the installation Daniel said, “The Lamilux continuous rooflight system is extremely well designed and is delivered to site completely factory prepared. It is a dry system with the glazing sheets perfectly tensioned in place with our patented aluminium glazing bars, meaning that installation is not affected by the sometimes inclement British weather.”

The base profile of the continuous rooflight is fabricated from uPVC, it is possible to use this material with excellent heat insulation because of the unique Lamilux isothermal load converter (ILC), Daniel explains “The ILC channels the load on the continuous rooflight into the supporting structure. This keeps the base profile free of loads and torsion, thus enabling the use of materials with excellent heat insulation properties. ILC technology means that we are able to guarantee optimised temperature patterns and ensure condensation risk on the base profile is significantly reduced.”

Lamilux have been designing and manufacturing rooflights since 1955 and with a far reaching network of distribution partners in over 20 countries, their products are used on a very wide range of international projects.

Lamilux are setting the standard for continuous rooflights right across Europe, they are in fact the first and only manufacturer to achieve European Technical Approval for a continuous barrel vault rooflight (EOTA ETA-09/0347); thermal protection properties, water tightness, resistance to wind and snow loadings amongst many other criteria, are all tested and certified within this European Organisation for Technical Approval documentation – giving complete peace of mind to the roofing contractor, architect and building owner.