Edinburgh Waverley Train Station, Edinburgh

Project: Edinburgh Waverley Train Station, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Waverley Train Station is currently undergoing a programme of essential refurbishment as part of Network Rail’s £130m project to renew the station’s roof and enhance its passenger facilities.

Waverley Train Station is the main train station in Edinburgh and is of critical importance to Scotland’s historic, environmental and commercial well-being. Covering an area of over 25 acres in the centre of the city, it is the second-largest main-line railway station in the United Kingdom in terms of square footage. The upgrade will see the station’s 34,000m² roof entirely replaced as well as resurfacing of the concourse, including platform renewal and improving accessibility from the main streets.

The work is being carried out by Balfour Beatty Civil Engineering Ltd who are delivering comprehensive improvements to the station’s landscape. The scale of the project is complex involving many different elements and a tight work window, in order to minimise disruption to station commuters. 

The original glass roof was initially sent away to a recycling plant and reprocessed glass returned to be used in the station’s refurbishment. Balfour Beatty, in line with their environmental policy, required a cement that could be mixed with the recycled glass to replace and bed the station’s platform kerbs, tactile paving and linear drainage. The specification also required the mortar to achieve a minimum compressive strength of 12N/mm² within 24 hours when mixed with the glass. Ultracrete’s RSC Extra Rapid Hardening cement was tested at Balfour Beatty’s premises and at Instarmac’s laboratory to verify its capabilities.

Ultracrete’s RSC is an extra rapid hardening cement, which, when mixed with site aggregates, produces a fast setting, early high strength mortar. The exceptional high performance gained from using design mixes based on RSC means the product is suitable for a whole range of concrete and mortar applications where early opening to traffic is essential.

Network Rail’s upgrade to Edinburgh Waverley is  scheduled for completion by 2014.

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